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August 21, 2022: Residents move back into the hall after a year-long renovation of the building, the most extensive in the history of Sorin Hall. An elevator has been installed and a new wing added on the west side of the dorm, enclosing the courtyard. Many interior walls have been reconfigured so that rooms have been renumbered throughout the hall. Several student rooms have been replaced with study and social spaces, and the interior decoration makes Sorin look like the newest, not the oldest, hall on campus. Paul Fenlon’s first-floor turret room remains part of an expanded suite of rooms belonging to Father Malloy, President Emeritus.

June 4, 2022: On Reunion Weekend several of us visit the Community Cemetery to say a prayer and reminisce at the gravesites of Paul Fenlon and Father Dan O’Neil. Joining me are David Fromm ’72, ’73, Peter Donofrio ’72, Joe Mulligan ’59, Myron Busby ’62, and Joe Harmon ’85.

March 26, 2022: “Old Notre Dame” and its author are featured at BookCon 2022, St. Joseph County Public Library, South Bend.

November 7, 2021: “Old Notre Dame” is reprinted by 141 Press, which is selling copies at the Notre Dame Hammes Bookstore and

October 22, 2021: Philip Hicks does a book signing of “Old Notre Dame” at the Notre Dame Hammes Bookstore.

January 23, 2021:  Haleigh Ehmsen writes an online news story for Saint Mary’s College about Philip Hicks and Old Notre Dame, “Saint Mary’s HUST Professor Publishes Memoir.”


January 18, 2021:  The Saint Mary’s alumnae magazine announces “HUST faculty publishes memoir,” Courier (Winter 2020), p. 11.


December 15, 2020:  Rev. Gregory A. Green, CSC dies at Holy Cross House, Notre Dame.  Father Green was Rector of Sorin Hall in 1976-1977.  He was an important figure in the lives of Paul Fenlon and Philip Hicks, as documented in Old Notre Dame.  May he rest in peace.

September 22, 2020:  A book display for Old Notre Dame goes up at the Saint Mary’s College Shaheen Booksore.


September 4, 2020: Ariana Howe, writing for the Notre Dame-Saint Mary’s student newspaper, interviews Philip Hicks: “Professor writes memoir about his time at ND,” The Observer, p. 5. 

Saint Mary‘s professor publishes memoir of undergraduate years at Notre Dame

August 31, 2020:  Father Thomas Blantz, CSC publishes The University of Notre Dame: A History, the most comprehensive history of the university ever written and most important since Arthur Hope’s Notre Dame: One Hundred Years (1943).  Father Blantz appears frequently in Old Notre Dame, and his official history complements the personal history offered in Old Notre Dame.  Blantz’s book covers the period of Paul Fenlon’s Notre Dame years (1915-1980) on pages 198-485.


August 21, 2020:  The English ‘cottage’ of Professor Fenlon’s tea-drinking friend, T. Bowyer Campbell, is moved four blocks to a new address south of campus.  Campbell appears frequently in Old Notre Dame, which recounts Fenlon’s visit to the house on page 210.  For photographs and details, see Margaret Fosmoe, “A Moving Story,” Notre Dame Magazine, or the local TV news story:


July 2020:  The Notre Dame alumni magazine recognizes Old Notre Dame in a short notice (“Creative Works,” Notre Dame Magazine, Summer 2020, p. 78).


April 19, 2020:  The book release is announced by the South Bend Tribune (“Sorin publishes book about ND’s Paul Fenlon,” p. C8).


March 30, 2020: Old Notre Dame: Paul Fenlon, Sorin Hall & Me is published by Corby Books and made available for sale at and the Notre Dame Hammes Bookstore.